Monday, January 26, 2009

Another ultrasound...

Today I had my check up at the OB and I did my NON-stress test, which was totally normal, had ultrasound and then spoke with Dr. Main reason for ultrasound was to monitor the fluid around Avery's lungs and heart. Well it looks like the fluid around her lungs is increasing and they don't know why. Typically increased fluid signifies heart failure but that is not the case...The OB and Cardiologist spoke on the phone and they both agreed heart and lung function is working fine and don't know why the fluid increase. There has been a virus going around the elementary school where Kaden attends and last visit they tested me for exposure to that and it was negative so they drew blood again, to test and make sure that remains the same and that its not an infection of some kind. Strange, and since they are the professionals and are stumped that creates some concern obviously. My OB wants me to come back next week to check again the fluids and then give me steriod shots to make sure that if we have to take her early her lungs are developed or they might do a tap of the fluids depends on what they see next week. Sometimes when they do a tap that instigates labor, so that is not always the best option but on the other hand they don't want to take her early as they need a strong big baby to repair her heart.

I am really not worried at all for some reason, I hope I am right in my instincts but you never know and I will keep sending positive messages to the universe and praying that all is well....I can say I am pretty confident I don't want to have do this again. Pregnancy alone this time around in my senior age has been much harder and my husband says I am much harder to deal with this time. I feel good just worn out and heavy....I need some self nuturing I think of some kind but that is hard to do with 3 boys, a cat and a husband!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Promising News from Cardiologist!

Yesterday we met with our Cardiologist for the much dreaded lay on your back for over 1/2 an hour of probing and proding around my belly as my lung capacity was shrinking at the same time! Needless to say I survived! Dr. Puchalski came in and saw me on my right side, he said oh is that more comfortable? AAAAAhhhhhhhh a bit, then go ahead and stay they I will scan her heart that way! NOW you tell me after 5 ultrasounds appointments, 5 episodes of potential losses of lung pressure and I can lay on my side...Well you learn something new everyday don't you. Well today what we learned was much more promising and uplifting to our ears. Dr. P, was very jovial, upbeat and different from our first meeting with him. I don't always agree with first impressions, never have, never will...I like to give people second chances as sometimes like myself I am different on first meetings (my guard is in place), second time, its me like it or not. Well, he said to us that the fluid around her lungs is increasing more than the last time he saw it and he will communicate with my OB, side note (the same OB that delivered his baby, he added) Good to know your Cardiologist and OB are seeking each other out...I feel like I am in great hands....They want to monitor the fluid to make sure it doesn't increase drastically or pose any risk to her lungs which are continuing to develop. If it does, they can do an in utero tap, or if she is ready take her early. But right now with bi-weekly ultrasounds they will continue to monitor.

About her heart, the news we heard today was much more positive than we remember it to be at our last appt. This time they could actually see the Aorta, previously they assumed it was there due to the technology of the echo and saw the blood flow just didn't see the aorta. Its very tiny 1.8 mm should be 8mm at this gestational age but we knew it was going to be small. This doesn't change anything, its just that they now know its there. She will still require the Norwood Procedure surgery which will include enlarging the aorta, creating a single atrium by removing what part of the septum she has intact in her common atrium and creating a conduit(shunt) from her right ventricle to her pulmunory artery. Don't ask me what and how, because quite frankly I still don't know all the details and specifics. Its so complicated I can't believe how our body works, its truly a miracle.

Dr. P said to us that he feels good about this and that quite likely our little Avery will be taking care of us one day as we will be to her. That was music to our ears and we are going to hang on to that positive statement and send that out into the universe for attraction.

We took a tour of the hospital where Avery will stay for the first part of her life called the PICU. It was different than we expected but very comfortable. Its an open unit but the heart babies are usually segregated to one area away from the sick children. I expected a PICU to be very sterile and different but it was quite normal compared to any hospital ward I have visited.
Monday, we have another OB appointment, beginning NON Stress tests...stressing the NON...I am really getting excited now as we are targeting just 6 1/2 weeks more and her journey into this family and world will begin.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ultrasound Pics

You can really see her face in this one!
Posted by PicasaToday, I met with my new OB, Dr. Jan Byrne, she is a high risk ob and a geneticists. I really enjoyed her calm, soft demeanor. I had a little tour of the delivery room and the pass through window that the babies go through after they are born. I don't get to see her until after she has been to the team that gets her stable but, I will get to see her before she is wheeled over to Primary Children's Medical Center. I had an ultrasound today, all looked the same, she is about 4 lbs. 3 oz. right now and Dr. Byrne said that she will most likely induce me anywhere from 37-38 weeks depending on how all is progressing. She will be the one to deliver me unless I go into labor when she is off, but from what others have told me she is extra fond of the heart babies and takes special care to make sure that her patients are in her care most of the time. She said that since the fluid around Avery's heart and lungs is still there not increasing, she wants me to have an ultrasound every two weeks now and then also non-stress tests, to make sure they are monitoring her very closely. If the fluid increases they will need to take her earlier so they can intervene but it doesn't look like that is going to be an issue...although the thought of being pregnant for less than I have to is quite its harder the older you get and the more kids you have to deal with at home. I feel fantastic other than at the end of the day, I am bit tight, heavy and need to rest. I am still exercising about 4 days a week, with yoga, water aerobics, treadmill/elliptical, chasing, cooking and cleaning for 4 boys at home.
Next week, January 20th, we see the cardiologist, Dr. Puchalski, again to get a more detailed plan of what is going to happen after birth and tour the hospital. We found out that we can take our camp trailer up to the hospital after she is born, as they have hook ups, so that will be so nice to have our own space and be able to retreat there if we need to and not sit in a hospital room all day long. Then we can have as many visitors as we need, cook and eat dinner in our own space, but most important we can have the boys can come camp out on the weekends with us. That was great news for us. We want to make things as normal as possible for us all if we can.
I have met so many wonderful people on my journey in preparation for Avery's arrival and I have included their blogs for you to read, cry, and look at, just as I have. But these kids are amazing miracles and we are hoping for the same strength and for Avery and our family.