Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Promising News from Cardiologist!

Yesterday we met with our Cardiologist for the much dreaded lay on your back for over 1/2 an hour of probing and proding around my belly as my lung capacity was shrinking at the same time! Needless to say I survived! Dr. Puchalski came in and saw me on my right side, he said oh is that more comfortable? AAAAAhhhhhhhh a bit, then go ahead and stay they I will scan her heart that way! NOW you tell me after 5 ultrasounds appointments, 5 episodes of potential losses of lung pressure and I can lay on my side...Well you learn something new everyday don't you. Well today what we learned was much more promising and uplifting to our ears. Dr. P, was very jovial, upbeat and different from our first meeting with him. I don't always agree with first impressions, never have, never will...I like to give people second chances as sometimes like myself I am different on first meetings (my guard is in place), second time, its me like it or not. Well, he said to us that the fluid around her lungs is increasing more than the last time he saw it and he will communicate with my OB, side note (the same OB that delivered his baby, he added) Good to know your Cardiologist and OB are seeking each other out...I feel like I am in great hands....They want to monitor the fluid to make sure it doesn't increase drastically or pose any risk to her lungs which are continuing to develop. If it does, they can do an in utero tap, or if she is ready take her early. But right now with bi-weekly ultrasounds they will continue to monitor.

About her heart, the news we heard today was much more positive than we remember it to be at our last appt. This time they could actually see the Aorta, previously they assumed it was there due to the technology of the echo and saw the blood flow just didn't see the aorta. Its very tiny 1.8 mm should be 8mm at this gestational age but we knew it was going to be small. This doesn't change anything, its just that they now know its there. She will still require the Norwood Procedure surgery which will include enlarging the aorta, creating a single atrium by removing what part of the septum she has intact in her common atrium and creating a conduit(shunt) from her right ventricle to her pulmunory artery. Don't ask me what and how, because quite frankly I still don't know all the details and specifics. Its so complicated I can't believe how our body works, its truly a miracle.

Dr. P said to us that he feels good about this and that quite likely our little Avery will be taking care of us one day as we will be to her. That was music to our ears and we are going to hang on to that positive statement and send that out into the universe for attraction.

We took a tour of the hospital where Avery will stay for the first part of her life called the PICU. It was different than we expected but very comfortable. Its an open unit but the heart babies are usually segregated to one area away from the sick children. I expected a PICU to be very sterile and different but it was quite normal compared to any hospital ward I have visited.
Monday, we have another OB appointment, beginning NON Stress tests...stressing the NON...I am really getting excited now as we are targeting just 6 1/2 weeks more and her journey into this family and world will begin.


  1. That IS good news! All of our prayers are working! AndI can't believe you guys have only 6 1/2 weeks of pregnancy left. Stay Strong!

  2. Oh Leah and Steve... What wonderful news..and YES all the prayers and all the positive affirmations are working.. Praise God for He is a mighty healer! Thank You Lord Thank you..
    Love, Mom xoxo

  3. What great news to hear! There are so many who love and pray for you and little Avery. I can't wait to meet her.

  4. I am glad you had some good news. Our prayers are with you and your little Avery.

  5. Leah & Steve, such good strong news!! Avery can hear everyone's prayers and she is feeling everyone will take good care of her, I am certain for that. Stay strong WOW 6 1/2 weeks will be here in no time.

    Love to all, Aunt Sandy

  6. Love Avery's new blog! We will follow closely and see how much our stories match up in the coming months!

  7. You guys are amazing!! Keep up the good work. I can't wait to see what a cutie she will be!! We will continue to pray for her and you. Love the updates too. Keep them coming.