Thursday, February 26, 2009

Full of Gratitude!

I had my appt. with the Dr. again today and all is well. I was having a lot of small contractions so my body is getting ready for this birth. I am so ready as well! Its gettting harder and harder to see Avery on the ultrasound as the bones are become more and more like real bones that you can really see lots of shadows instead of the organs, face, etc. Although once again, noting we have a new ultrasound tech each time we go...they always mention her hair and that there is a lot of it from what they can see! I am so looking forward to putting my first bow in her hair as that might be the extent of what I can dress her, in the beginning. Growth is progressing nicely as well, they estimate her to be about 7 lbs. and 1 oz. right now but will now know when she gets here what her weight is as I have only ONE yes, ONE more appt. next Thursday and then on Tuesday, March 10th is the induction date. The journey is getting closer and closer!

Yesterday I wanted to post but my computer was not functioning and therefore, I couldn't but I wanted to share how grateful I am and how much there is to be grateful for despite the things we may be facing.

Sunny days, when your children can go outside to play

Friends that come over to give you a massage in the comfort of your own home

Little boys bums that run around after a bath

Dinner that is so delicious and that you didn't have to make

Friends tand family that call just to say, how are you doing today?

Connections from friends that work at the hospital or in the PICU

People that go out of their way to make sure you are getting what you need

A husband that is so sensitive and nuturing

A sick free winter for everyone in our home

Other heart moms who are loving & thoughtful

The Priesthood and the blessings of healing

Massage chairs and laptops that friends lend just to make your life a bit more convenient

Chiropractors and Doctors who are so dedicated in providing healing

Little boys who will put your shoes on you, for just a quarter

Friends who grocery shop just like you shop

Moms who are willing to take a month off of work to take care of your other children

Warm therapy pools that make you feel weightless

The weekends when you can truly relax

DVR's, so you can watch the shows you fell asleep watching at 8pm in the middle of the night

Guest bedrooms

The answer to prayers

Heating pads, ice packs, Ben Gay and Tylenol

Husbands that say let me worry about that

This list could go on and on..........................Remember you can choose to tend the garden of negativity or nurture the garden of positivity!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another Echocardiogram

We met with our cardiologist again....I like him more and more each time I see him! Found out today, he lives in Park City, goes to the same pediatrician as I do already! He said during our scanning that when we see you more than 2 times, you become family, we treat you well. This is our 3rd appt. with him and I feel much more comfortable each time.

He said that he is delighted that I have gone this far along in my pregnancy and that the fluid is very minimal, there are no valves leaking, the heart functions well and nothing looks different or concerning right now. I asked him to draw me a picture of what Avery's heart looks like and what they are going to do right after she is born. Encouraging new, he said that when she is born, they will try NOT to have to intubate her(breathing tubes) as they want her to breathe on her own, as they are finding now that it really helps them in the long run with feedings, gaining weight, infections, etc. Interesting, I thought and Steve said well that makes sense if you enable a system that can make it on its own then the body just says oh well don't need to work hard there and goes into a lazy state..then when it does need to work it won't do it as hard as it needs too! Makes sense to me now!

He also said, that they will probably do the surgery on Friday, most likely, and the Dr. mentioned that since its one of the more complex surgery that it will be done by the chief surgeon, Dr. Hawkins, with an assistant, which is comforting to know. Essentially what it is that they will do is merge her Aorta and pulmonary artery together and then put in a shunt from her right ventricle to the new merged arteries. This is very complex surgery but if she can do well through this surgery then her chances of success increase drastically. I am thankful today that there are people out there that sacrifice years and years of their lives studying and going to school to improve peoples lives...what a blessing.

I feel much better every time I go there, as the time is vastly approaching its only 18 days away before we get to meet our sweet little girl, Avery. I have a ton of emotions, good, bad, indifferent, I am not sure how I really feel about having her naturally (no meds), being induced, leaving my boys for a long time, having visitors, my husband being gone from work for a while....ugh there is a lot to think about and prepare for, but the one thing that has not changed is that I feel still very positive that all is well and Avery will come out of this strong and as healthy as healthy and strong can be for her. I know nothing, as my friend Marcy always says.

I have another appt. with the OB on Feb. 26th to check her growth...I am certain that is happening well and good trust me! I will post again then.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What more could a pregnant woman want???

Well the list could be really long, but I am not about to do that because quite frankly I could spend days on a list. My laptop has been in the repair shop so I haven't really had the desire to actually sit in front of a computer and type....So 90's ish....just kidding.

I just wanted to quickly update you on my appt. on Monday at the OB. The ultrasound showed no traces of fluid anymore, after having the ultrasound the tech comes back in and says, Dr. wants me to take another pic of the heart to show her that there is no fluid, then she is going to be coming in. I said is something wrong, because she has NEVER come in to see the ultrasound even when the fluid was increased. I think the Dr. couldn't believe it has gone that along with the fact that I lost 2 lbs. this week....YES LOST.....2 lbs. this week, I couldn't have had better news!

I have only 26 days until they induce me but I am hopeful that I can get things started on my own earlier, with some intervention of course.

I hope that everyone has a very special Valentine's Day, I am in charge of this day this year and am so looking forward to it. This day has a whole new meaning now to me....I haven't even seen my little precious girl to fall in love yet...but I know that I have fallen and her hold on my heart is the strongest and deepest connection I have felt since I met my sweet husband way back when.

Happy Valentine's Day to you all, cherish the ones you love and make sure they know it each and every single day!

I will post next Tuesday as that day we will see the Cardiologist again!

Monday, February 2, 2009

She has hair!

Had our OB appointment today, non-stress test and then the steriod shot! Ouch that was less than desirable....even better today I have to give one to myself...Colton and Kaden think its funny and want to give it to me or watch! Silly boys. Well it was an exhausting day....driving an hour both ways, 3 appts. one after another, then I met with my doulas who will be there with us when we deliver. I get two of them...I am so excited to have 2 women and my husband helping me to make this delivery as short and painless (is there such) as possible. I asked my OB about how she felt about Doulas and she said as long as they give you what you want and aren't anti-doctor she has no issues with them. I met with them yesterday and immediately felt good energy and knew these ladies were going to be perfect for us. I told them my expectations and what I wanted to accomplish and they are right on board. They even gave me a list of positive affirmations to say, ah like anyone who knows me knows that I am SO into that! I listen to my positive affirmation cd in the car and on my itouch all the time. It was just perfect...not to mention one of the doulas has 9 kids...I feel confident she can handle this will ease. Since Avery will need to go to the PICU immediately, I feel its in the best interest of her and I to have a drug free birth, so we can get on with fixing her asap! I am so excited to have these ladies, although I slept or should I say didn't sleep last night very well, thinking about birthing this baby and why I am nervous, I have done this 3 other times...I think its going to be so different and I am so type A that the fear of the unknown is beginning to creep into my thoughts.

Enough about that....Miracles happen was my motto yesterday, a friend of mine, mailed me a shirt and I got it yesterday that said "Miracles Happen" on it.....On my gmail tag says "Miracles Happen" that said the same thing...and yesterday sure was holding true to that postive affirmation...My ultrasound showed the fluid around her lungs to have drastically reduced?????!!!! Strange, Answer to prayers, miracle???? We were so thrilled with that news and so was the doctor...she can't explain it but all my labs came back normal as well! We are just thankful this week for that good news and are going to continue with what we have been doing as its serving us well and we are ok! When I got home there was a voicemail that said she has scheduled my induction for March 10th, Tuesday....Although its 35 days away or 5 weeks, I am grateful that I know it won't be longer than that! I want to not have to be induced so I am petitioning the universe that I will go into labor before that date, your help in this would be appreciated....Anytime in March not before as then it could be you know we need a big, strong baby. Yesterday she measured at 5 lbs. and 6 oz. I don't make little babies thankfully so that is good news.... I also am happen to report she has hair as you can see in the ultrasound pics, I was hopeful she didn't take after her daddy in that department! Well until next week...thanks for your comments and prayers!