Monday, September 21, 2009

The end or the beginning of a new blogging experience!

I am not sure that I want to say that I am closing Avery's blog, but I don't want to post on it anymore. I feel like she is part of our family and this blog was to document her personal journey specifically, so I am inviting any of you who wish to continue to read about her on our family blog. Its nothing particular, I just don' t want to have 2 blogs to update. I feel like she is a part of our family and my feelings, dates of rememberance, etc. should be included in our family blog. I know you will all understand and quite frankly I am sure I will post more.

So please feel free to subscribe to


  1. Will do. Thanks for letting us know. It was good to see you at the walk! Take Care.

  2. I will miss checking out the other heart babies and their progress as well as updates from other Moms but I understand your reasons for this.

    Love, Mom

  3. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story. I wanted to check out some of the stories from other IHH angel families. Our angel Tristan, is buried in the Heber Cemetery in the newer portion, almost to far east back and just north of Hyrum Ln (or Dr) so if you happen to see his grave, say hi for me. I wish we made it to Heber a little more often.So sorry for your loss.-Arae Wyatt Tristan's mommy