Friday, April 24, 2009

Avery's name in the Sand

Avery Ann Hallows
March 10, 2009 she was born into heaven
Heber City, Utah
Our Sweet Angel Avery Ann
You flew into our life for a brief moment but touched our hearts forever.
We include you in our daily life and even though we aren't physically with you today
We rejoice in the knowledge that someday we will all be together again.
Until we meet again, fly on fly on Sweet Avery Ann


  1. That is beautiful! Leah, you are such an inspiration to me. Thank you so much for our walk this week and for talking to me and sharing your encouraging words. You are a great example of strength and faith. And Kate loved you... she doesn't often relax when other people hold her, but she definately relaxed when you did. Thank you.

  2. Gorgeous. Call me when you can.


  3. A beautiful name for a beautiful angel..

  4. So reminds me that I did this several months ago and then forgot to check back a week later...I hope it's still there.

  5. What a breathtaking picture! Can't wait to see you on Friday! Hope life is kind until then! :)

  6. I love that. It's so sweet and beautiful and perfect for your sweet angel.

    Thinking of you often.

  7. Oh, Leah, I'm so glad you got this done!! Her name looks great! I made mine huge and put it on the wall. It looks really neat!! I love it!!

  8. How beautiful.. it touched my heart..I wish I had a picture of that to hang on the wall.

    Love, Mom