Monday, April 27, 2009

My Children!

This weekend we went over to Grandma and Grandpa's house and on the way home Kaden (my 4 year old) was sitting next to me in the truck and he was looking down, I asked him what was wrong he said, "I am sad, I miss Avery." That of course made me sad. Later that night for family prayer, Colton (my 6 year old) volunteered to say the prayer. He was so reverant, something he isn't usually, he folded his arms and bowed his head so preciously. He gave about a 2 minute non stop prayer all about Avery. I so wish I had a recorder as it was so touching to hear his deepest, most sincere thought about her. He has been the only one that hasn't been very vocal about how he feels or felt about her passing.

So Steve and I are sitting here tonight trying to remember what he said in his prayer. He repeated a lot of the same things but he must have needed to do, it was his way of processing. Here is what we remember of the prayer...........

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this day, thank you for Avery, we miss her, we love her very much, we wish you didn't have to die, we know she is with Jesus~he loves her very much, I wish I could play with her, we know we will be with her, we wish she could stay here and live with us, we know she can see us but we can't see I said, he repeated some of the same things over and over again but it truly was heartfelt and genuine.

My children have taught me so many things in my life, lessons I would have never had without them. Even Avery who was here for such a small amount of time, has made me a better person, a better mother, a better friend, a better everything. I am grateful I am still able to learn each and everyday something that will further my progress in this life. I thank you my children!


  1. Oh, they are in tune, aren't they? By the way, in case you forgot, you taught him how to do that. How to listen, how to feel, how to be comfortable and loved enough to express himself. You have taught him truth--even when it was a hard thing to do. You are a fabulous mother.

  2. I love hearing about that prayer. It is so sweet and sincere. Your boys are darling, we had so much fun visiting with you last night. Thank you for your sweet patience with Kate. I'm so glad we have become friends! And by the way, the cookies were awesome!

  3. very precious was Colton's prayer. Its wonderful that he is getting in touch with his feelings.. as I have read about children and their grief...they wait until they feel safe to share their feelings and as Mindi said.. its you and Steve that have provided a safe place for your boys to share their feelings. Truth is really black and white.. there are NO gray areas of truth; as you share your grief and sadness you really allow everyone around you to share theirs. You and Steve are wonderful parents.

    Love, Mom

  4. That is so sweet! It's amazing how those "tender mercies" happen at the perfect time. I agree with Mindi, you are a fabulous mother and a powerful example to so many of us. I pray that you and your family continue to feel peace and comfort.

  5. Oh this made me tear up. What a sweet prayer and so good to hear him expressing the thoughts he has held so private. You are on my mind frequently and in my prayers always.


  6. Isn't it wonderful the sincerety of our children. They will carry you through! I am sure they feel Avery often. It's amazing how many times we have seen Preslie interacting with 'someone''s beautiful and wonderful to know the spirit world is so close...avery is so close. I look forward to seeing you soon my dear, re-connecting, visiting, giving you a bit hug and hopefully enjoying some sunshine! Love to you my friend...always!

  7. I am so glad that Colton shared his feelings with everyone, it will tell the other children that it's OK. You and Steve are raising your children so wonderful and will continue having the love and strength you all need.
    I love you all.

  8. What a sweet boy and memory!! I'm glad you recorded it. It will mean a lot to your whole family! It made me cry! Thanks for sharing! That was really sweet.

  9. How precious children are! I feel like my children have taught me so much more than I am teaching them. What a privilege to be a parent. They constantly amaze me.

    Love you,


  10. Such a lovely family picture... beautiful children. What a precious prayer. Children have such a pure, sweet spirit about them. I'm glad you have them by your side, to give you strength and love during this difficult time.