Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Finally...we think she's stable

After a very intense 4-5 hours after her delivery, we think sweet Avery is fairly stable now, but not out of the woods yet. I (Steve) did not enjoy enduring feeling helpless while all those people worked on my little helpless child - and the whole while being separated from Leah. The baby had some air somehow on the outside of one if not both of her lungs that was prohibiting her from getting her lungs full of air as if she wasn't having enough difficulty. Anyway, they finally got her somewhat stable as of about 7 pm tonight. At one point, they had to recessitate precious Avery with manual CPR, other drugs, etc etc. She is intubated so she can get enough oxygen and the cardiologists tell us all of her valves that they want to stay open are, but that the lung problem was scary and has set us back some. Not sure how much yet. Doctors said do NOT plan on a surgery Friday, there would be no way she will be strong enough by then. We'll update more later and post some pics. The whole trip from the U of U to the Primary Children's hospital was touch and go, she was having problems en route, it was scary! Dad had a good cry and now I feel better, and now I'm with Leah and her spirits are doing better also, even though she has not been able to see little Avery yet, but will sometime later tonight.


  1. Oh my goodness... we are praying for you, Leah and Sweet precious Avery! Congratulations on your new baby girl!!

    I've never commented, so I'll tell you who I am. Our son, Owen, has HLHS. He's post Glenn and is now waiting for a heart. It's a crazy journey with twists and turns... but a BLESSED one at that!!!

    We'll continue to pray for you family. I remember all too well those first few days. It was all a blur of emotions. We're thinking of you!

    Your Heart Friends in AZ.

  2. Leah and Steve,
    Oh my gosh! Yikes! My heart about stopped when I read about the problems you guys are having with Avery's lungs! Is this related to the fluid that was there earlier in the pregnancy? I have been thinking about you guys non stop today. Thanks for the frequent updates today Steve. Prayers are with you!

  3. I hate to hear that it wasn't as smooth as we would have hoped, but continually keep the faith. You are surrounded by amazing doctors. You are in so many prayers.

  4. Steve and Leah,
    I have been thinking and praying for you all day. About 7 I read the post that she had been born and that the delivery went well, then I just read this last post. I am glad that she is stable now. Sounds like you had a scary few hours. Our prayers are with you and Avery.

  5. We too have been thinking of you guys. We will be down there tomorrow for our final appt with Dr. Menon and a couple of tours. We will look for you and sweet Avery, we'd love to meet you guys. Hang in there, i'm sure emotions are running high and you're probably both way tired. Get some sleep tonight and good luck tomorrow!

  6. Congratulations! I'm glad she's here and now stable. I hope from now on it will go more smoothly and maybe it will only get better from here. It'll be nice for you to get to hold her, and I'm excited to see the pics. Congrats again, Tiffanie Weekes

  7. Hi Steve & Leah,

    We were so glad to hear of Avery's successful birth. We cannot immagine the helpless feeling you must have had during Avery's lung problems. Trust in God and the excellent doctors doing everything they can to help Avery become a healthy child.

    Please know our prayers are with your family.


    Bill & Carolan

  8. Leah, & Steve
    We are sorry to hear things are a little scary for you right now, but it looks like things are starting to look better. We are so glad for you, I have checking all today and been thinking of you guys best wishes I hope all goes smoothly and you will soon get to see her. Lots of love The Clint Sorenson Family

  9. Congratulations! So happy to hear she is here and stable! We'll continue to send up lots of prayers for little Avery, and for everyone taking care of her.

    Welcome to the au naturel club, Leah! I'm so proud of you. You've done done amazing giving Avery the best possible start. Wishing you & Steve a restful night of sleep!

    Lots of Love & Hugs, Rochelle

  10. I am so sorry things did not go easy for you guys. Steve I can only imagine the pain you felt watching the work on your little girl. I am glad to hear that she is stable and that Leah will get to see her soon. You guys are amazing. My prayers and thoughts are with you always.

  11. You are in our prayers constantly! My heart is in a knot right now, but I am so happy to hear that she is stable! I hope they give both of you a great sleeping pill to get some much needed rest! Way to go Leah on the delivery! You are amazing:)!