Monday, March 2, 2009

We are only given what we can handle, right??

Well, if I remember correctly I was full of gratitute last week...and still am as many of my aches and pains are GONE....I feel like a normal, pregnant woman, hungry, tired, anxious, scared, worried, hopeful, excited, emotional...ok ok I will stop! No seriously I am still very much full of gratitude but I posted that I was happy no sickness fell upon us this winter...Well Colton and for those of you who know wind, full of energy, never rests, etc., is in bed with a high grade fever, cough, sore throat and vomitting. WHY this week, I can't afford to be sick? Neither can my husband......Well after a few hour dr. visit, a trip to the hospital for x-rays....Colton has some kind of lung infection, not pnemonia, not rsv, but something that is not reducing his fever very well. We sent him to Steve's moms I hope she doesn't catch it..but if we caught it, oh my that would be tragic..we couldn't be around our newborn baby and could I even have the energy to birth her. YIKES!

Yesterday Steve went to get our trailer to bring home from our camping property and his truck broke down..had to leave it up there, call a neighbor for help and still couldn't bring home the trailer. We can stay in a hotel if we have to for a few nights if the land is too muddy to pull the trailer out yet! We will pull through this I am certain.

Then I woke up to read the blog about this young baby, Gracie and how this morning her parents decided that there was nothing more they could do to save this precious being life anymore, she was being called home to her father in heaven.....I don't know this family personally or this sweet baby but I know them from the heart world we will be joining soon. It had me sobbing, I am so saddened by their pain and sorrow. Why does life have to happen this way or not happen? I am much more calm this afternoon, I feel a sense of comfort and peace and hope that these things shall pass and we will be ok. (Gracie Gledhill's blog is listed on the side of my blog)

I know we are only given what we can handle....I appreciate how much faith my Father in Heaven must has for me...but I think I am done for now!

My heart is broken for another broken heart! May you all remember how precious life is and enjoy every second of it! Remember to say I love you as often as you can...but more important show it! I love you all for your continued support!


  1. To feel is to be human on a level that God intended us to be; emotions are the core of who we are; not to feel is so un-human and to be perfectly happy all the time really doesn't put depth into the fabric of who we are; as I begin this new journey with you,Leah and your family, I see in the whole family, deep, rich colors forming in the fabric of your life. You are so blessed.

    Love, Mom

  2. I hope that your hearts are still full of peace. Gracie's passing has hit a little too close to home for us and I wonder how you are holding up. I hope that you get your trailer out despite mud and snow... if not, apply for Ronald McDonald for a few days until it drys out so you can get it. Our prayers are with you guys!

  3. Leah so much has gone on for you and your family, when I heard Colton was sick I said "Oh no I hope Leah doesn't catch it". I hope the little guy will be feeling well soon. I send you peace and love from NH.
    Love to all.

  4. I was reading another blog and saw this very same thought "We are not given more than we can handle." ACTUALLY. We are. We are given more than we can handle. I think the phrase should read, "we are not given more than we can handle WITHOUT God's help." I am so sorry that you have to endure this trial. It gets "less hard"... or something as time goes on. I wish I could take all the pain away from all the mother's who have lost children, but alas, it is not my place. Our Saviour did that for us. He is the ONLY one who knows EXACTLY how we feel. ((HUGS))